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Hydraulic Lifters vs. Solid Lifters

Hydraulic Lifter or also known as the hydraulic tappet is a maintaining zero valve clearance device. The hydraulic lifter was created to compensate the clearance space that cause the parts rattle against each other until the unit heated up and expanded. Now let’s learn about his hydraulic lifters and the differences between the hydraulic lifters and the solid lifters. Hydraulic Lifters Hydraulic lifter is a hollow steel cylinder that encasing […]

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Hydraulic Clutch Components

Have you ever heard about hydraulic clutch? Well Hydraulic clutch is a mechanism that forced the pressured fluid to get through the clutch disengagement mechanism. Hydraulic clutch is being used in many late model vehicles. Now let us see some of its components. Clutch Slave Cylinders The master cylinder controllers this hydraulic clutch component. The clutch slave cylinder is divided into two categories. They are the CSC or Concentric Slave […]

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Hydraulic Pipe Bender: Bending Method, Pipes Characteristics and How to Use It

Hydraulic pipe bender is a tool used to bend pipes using a hydraulic system. Pipes are the vessels where fluids and solids flow in transport system. Hydraulic pipe bender usually used hard steels, bronze and aluminum. It produces mechanical force hence to bend the pipes. This hydraulic pipe bender can be used in automotive to bend several pipes in the car engine. First let us see the bending method, the […]

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The Types of Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic valves are one of the elements from hydraulic systems. It flows the liquid medium properly through the systems. The liquid usually is oil. The direction of the flow depends on the spool position. Therefore you need to know the right type of hydraulic valves for your purpose. In this article I’ll write different types of hydraulic valves. It is divided to three major types. Directional Control Valves This hydraulic […]


Hydraulic Car Lift: The Key Aspects and How it Works

The hydraulic car lift has become one of the most demanding car lift equipment because of it easily use and a better time management. Although many people know the concept of this car lift, but only a few know the awareness and the technicalities. In this article I would like to give a sneak peak about the key aspect that you need to know and how the hydraulic car lift […]

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Hydraulic Power Unit: The Design and Operation

Hydraulic systems operate by transferring energy from one point to another which creates the rotary motion, linear motion or force. The one that apply the pressure to drive it s motion on the hydraulic system is called the hydraulic power unit. It is not the same with the standard pump because it moves fluid using a multi-stage pressurization. The pressure limits, power capacity and reservoirs volume is what influence a […]

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The Hydraulic System Basic and the Car Hydraulic

Have you seen a car that can jump up and down in the movie? Usually an African American community or Mexican youth group loves to modify their cat to this type. Well they put a car hydraulic to it. But first we will discuss about the hydraulic system. How Hydraulic System Work You can see that hydraulic machines are used everywhere whether it is for construction or airplane or even […]

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Hydraulic Fittings: Types and Specifications

If you are interested in automotive field you probably have heard about hydraulic fittings. Hydraulic fittings are parts from hydraulic systems that used to connect hoses, tubes and pipes. It operates under high pressure and it is important to be strong, versatile and reliable to work safely and effectively in their application. There are a lot of types of hydraulic fittings. So in this article I will write a short […]

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Should You Use Hydraulic Wrench in Your Car?

The same question in the title of this post might make you feel quite curious especially when you have heard quite a lot of people talking about hydraulic torque wrench. Well actually, before knowing about whether or not you should buy the wrench, it is so much better for you to understand deeply about what actually the wrench is and how it functions. Knowing all of this will make it […]

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The Type of Hydraulic Accumulator Used in Cars and Similar Vehicles

Have you ever heard about hydraulic accumulator before? If you want to know, this can be explained simply as a reservoir of pressure storage where hydraulic fluid in non-compressible is held by a certain type of external source in under-pressure way. Again and again, this form of hydraulic technology is also usable in the world of automotive. However, from so many types of accumulator, including; towers, raised weight, compressed closed […]